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Rice terraces
Like rice terraces, progress is a stepwise process with many contributors.

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    Even when used to make products of negligible risk and that contribute significantly to public health, recombinant DNA technology applied to agriculture has a tough row to hoe. 'Golden Rice', which has been enriched by the addition of genes that allow rice to synthesize beta-carotene (the precursor of vitamin A) in its edible endosperm, has endured resistance from activists and a decade of imposing and gratuitous obstacles to regulatory approval. This is an ominous precedent for other 'biofortified; foods made with recombinant DNA technology.
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  31. Breeding History, by Tom Hargrove and W Ronnie Coffman. The remarkable history of IR8, the rice variety that changed the face of agriculture across Asia 40 years ago.

Scientific publications around Golden Rice

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